Selected publications

For a full list of publications, please refer to my Google Scholar page.

What Do Self-Supervised Speech Models Know About Words?
Ankita Pasad, Chung-Ming Chien, Shane Settle, Karen Livescu
TACL 2024

SLUE Phase-2: A Benchmark Suite of Diverse Spoken Language Understanding Tasks
Suwon Shon, Siddhant Arora*, Chyi-Jiunn Lin*, Ankita Pasad*, Felix Wu, Roshan Sharma, Wei-Lun Wu, Hung-Yi Lee, Karen Livescu, Shinji Watanabe
ACL 2023

Comparative Layer-Wise Analysis of Self-Supervised Speech Models
Ankita Pasad, Bowen Shi, Karen Livescu

On the Use of External Data for Spoken Named Entity Recognition
Ankita Pasad, Felix Wu, Suwon Shon, Karen Livescu, Kyu J Han
NAACL 2022

SLUE: New Benchmark Tasks for Spoken Language Understanding Evaluation on Natural Speech
Suwon Shon, Ankita Pasad, Felix Wu, Pablo Brusco, Yoav Artzi, Karen Livescu, Kyu J. Han

Layer-Wise Analysis Of A Self-Supervised Speech Representation Model
Ankita Pasad, Ju-Chieh Chou, Karen Livescu
ASRU 2021

Improving Semantic Segmentation through Spatio-Temporal Consistency Learned from Videos
Ankita Pasad, Ariel Gordon, Tsung-Yi Lin, Anelia Angelova
Learning from Unlabeled Videos, CVPR Workshop, 2020

On the Contributions of Visual and Textual Supervision in Low-Resource Semantic Speech Retrieval
Ankita Pasad, Bowen Shi, Herman Kamper, Karen Livescu
Interspeech 2019